What's New

We recently delivered and commissioned a 63”dia.  X 30ft lathe for a machine shop customer in
Canada.  It has many nice features to make it very usable for a variety of machining applications,
including a quick change pallet system to hold a CAT 40 milling column for milling operations.

GL16  9000 X 835 X 220
9 meters(354”) capacity between centers
835 mm(32.8”) center height
1600mm(63”) swing over the bed
220mm(8.6”) spi
ndle bore
0-600 RPM speed range
4 position square turret 320mm(12.5”) w/ boring bar support for 200 mm bar cap
CAT 40 milling column 20HP
Y-axis 16 inch travel
C-axis with independent motor –accuracy +/- 0.01deg
3 chucks- 2-600mm(23.6”) and 1-1000mm(39.4”)
and Electrical cabinet air conditioning
Tailstock quill 220mm(8.6”) w/ A-8 mount
Automatic Tailstock clamping
Chip conveyor

Let us know if you’d like to see the demonstration of the full features and capabilities of this machine.

Also, please let us know if you will be attending the IMTS so that we can connect.

You can find expanded information about our models and features at our factory website:
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