What's New-
Gurutzpe will be showing our  new  GLX 13 CNC Multi-Tasking machine at the BIEMH International
Machine Tool Exposition in Bilbao, Spain June 2-7, 2014.  This line of machines is specially
designed with Quick change milling tower for machining of large shafts and tubes. as well as
special milling operations .  It has been developed  to optimize machining times with its multitasking

The machine on display is similar to the machine pictured on this page:

GLX 13   8000 X 660 X 260
8 meter (315") between centers
660 mm (25.6") center height
1000 mm (39") swing over the carriage
260 mm (10") dia. spindle bore
0-850 rpm speed range
8 position motorized turret size Vdi 60 for turning/milling/driliing

C Axis with accuracy 0.001 deg
Linear scales in X
4 jaw manual chuck 1000 mm (39") with 26 mm thru bore
CNC -Siemens 840D with shop turn

Tailstock Quill 220 mm(8.6") capable of 15 tns. (33,000lbs) between centers
Automatic Tailstock clamping
FAMOC system for quick changes for turning, boriing,  milling

This machine is available  for delivery after the show. Please contact us for particulars or,  we will be
glad to build this configuration or another with special features specifically for your application.  Let
us know if you will be visiting to be sure we meet you at our booth Location .1 / B-40 C-39

You can find expanded information about our models and features at our factory website: Gurutzpe
Factory Website